Adam Lambert Scores Again in Australia

After Adam Lambert’s August 2nd performance of “Ghost Town” on Australia’s version of The Voice, it shot to #1 on their iTunes chart, where it stayed for over a week, earning Lambert 2 weeks at #2 on the ARIA singles chart. That song was already an established Top 20 hit in the Land Down Under.

Now, a “stunning rendition of ‘Another Lonely Night'” on Australia’s X Factor is driving the buzz machine once more. Check out Australia’s iTunes chart here, on which “Ghost Town” is pushing back into the Top 40, and “Another Lonely Night” makes its first appearance in the Top 30. Meanwhile, The Original High jumped back onto the albums chart at #20. On Kworb’s global iTunes chart (with weighted country classes), Adam now sits at #s 52, and 182 with “Ghost Town” and “Another Lonely Night,” while The Original High clocks in at #187, based almost exclusively on its strong Australia ranking.

Another Lonely Night” “Ghost Town

Here’s a few more stats for your enjoyment –

“Ghost Town” – Total WW Shazams: 3,351,807

“Another Lonely Night” – Total WW Shazams: 72,672

Most Shazammed Song Ever? “Wake Me Up” by Avicii – Total Shazams: 20,773,256

Fun fact: Adam Lambert collaborated with Avicii for his single “Lay Me Down,” which peaked at #1 in Poland, which is the same country where “Ghost Town” peaked at #1 on its way to being certified platinum.

Biggest sales certification? “Ghost Town” – certified triple platinum from the Netherlands.

Album: The Original High (iTunes)

Another Lonely Night (iTunes)

Ghost Town

Ghost Town (iTunes


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