About Music Industry Sandbox

Are you a “crazy fan?” You know what I mean. Some artists just click with your soul, and you think about them multiple times per day. You maybe google their name occasionally, to see what is up. It drives you nuts that important things could be happening in (insert artist name here)-world, and nobody seems to care. Maybe you have found chat forums for other people who are nuts about the same artist, where you can all echo-chamber your excitement for the artist and your collective anxiety about the artist.

Or maybe, you are like me. You are just a numbers nerd who has discovered the joys of watching certain key aspects of a wonderfully complex game in minute detail and making predictions that later turn out to be accurate more often than not.

Whatever draws you to the Music Industry Sandbox, this is a place where those of us crazy enough about the music industry or some fraction thereof can pool our ideas and our interests to create an engaging environment of discovery and knowledgeable expertise on these subjects that far exceeds the internet’s norm.

At its heart, this site is about connecting numbers nerds and super fans of all artists into a single network where we can all get what our hearts most desire.

I have a large handful of artists that I follow closely, including, for example: Adam Lambert, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Yelle, Lily Allen, and Madonna. These artists will form the short-term backbone of this site. If you would like me to do some research and crank out some numbers on an artist that you fancy, by all means let me know. If you are interested in becoming a writer for this blog, then shoot me an email at sometimesprofound@gmail.com. If you have any comments or suggestions, you can either comment on a blog post, or shoot me an email at sometimesprofound@gmail.com. If you would like to contribute ideas or information to my blog without becoming an actual writer for it, you can either comment on a post, or you can email me at sometimesprofound@gmail.com.

This blog is part of my Sometimes Profound network of blogs. The main blog, sometimesprofound.com, covers sociopolitical issues and essays on interesting and sometimes obscure topics that people may not have previously considered.

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