Adam Lambert is Back with “Another Lonely Night” Music Video

Adam Lambert’s new music video is on Youtube. Although, as of 10/9/15 12:50AM, it is still unlisted and therefore won’t show up in a search or on Lambert’s list of music videos, you can watch it if you have the link to the direct URL. Luckily, I do. And now, I am sharing it with you. ;P You can watch “Another Lonely Night” HERE.

“Another Lonely Night” is the second single off of Lambert’s third studio album, The Original High. Luke Gilford directed the music video; Adam Lambert, Sterling Fox, Max Martin and Ali Payami co-wrote the song.

Internationally, “Another Lonely Night” was released early in Poland and South Africa. It is currently charting at #s 28 and 35 on the iTunes charts of the two countries, respectively. “Ghost Town,” meanwhile, remains at #52 on MediaTraffic’s global singles chart, at #44 on the worldwide Spotify chart, and in the Top 25 on 12 countries’ iTunes charts (#3 Kazakhstan; #9 Finland; #9 Hungary; #11 Luxembourg; #12 Czech Republic; #14 Belarus; #16 Portugal; #21 Germany; #22 Namibia; #22 Netherlands; #23 Poland; #24 Austria). “Ghost Town” peaked in the Top 20 of the US Pop and Adult Pop Songs airplay charts, and at #64 on the US Hot 100. It peaked at #1 on Poland’s official airplay chart and at #2 on the official singles charts of Australia and South Africa. It has been certified for platinum sales in both Poland and Australia. It is currently sitting at a to-date peak of #12 on Germany’s official singles chart.

My personal opinion? I’ve always thought “Another Lonely Night” was a stronger single choice than “Ghost Town.”


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