Taylor Swift Radio Airplay Update

If you add up all current Taylor Swift radio airplay for her 7 1989 singles, she has just barely less radio airplay than the current #1 radio song. 188 million (TS) compared to 192 million audience impressions for Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself.”

That consists of: 47.5m from TS’s current single; 3m from last single; 60m from 3 singles ago, 14m from 4 singles ago; 26m from 5 singles ago; 20 million from 6 singles ago; and 19 million from 7 singles ago.

I have italicized the singles that each peaked at or near #1 on radio (178m+). The two most recent singles have peaked at 68.8m and 47.5m, respectively.

The one italicized song that did NOT reach #1 (which peaked at #3 with 178m), is “Style” (5 singles ago), with 26m in current weekly audience impressions.

1) I find it fascinating that the one song of the first 4 with the lowest radio peak and worst commercial performance (the one song that did not reach #1 on the Hot 100) is the song with the strongest continued radio airplay.

2) I find it fascinating that the two most-recent singles have had such a dramatically smaller radio peak than did TS’s prior singles.

It seems that TS’s label is continuing to release radio singles to generate passive revenue, but is no longer interested in spending money to promote said singles beyond TS’s inherent celebrity. If so, then this is a fascinating data set which can be used to calculate the true value of/return on label promotion for a single. However, it is not necessarily the case that the label did absolutely nothing to promote these singles (it created a music video for “Out of the Woods,” for example). Unfortunately, we can never know the full extent of label promotion, short of the label actually telling us. However, I still think this is a fascinating data set, and it is likely the closest we will ever get to a perfect data set.


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Peter Daines is a law student at Georgetown University Law Center. His interests include studying foreign languages, watching and predicting events in politics and the music industry, and searching fruitlessly for the meaning of life.

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