“Hello” is Finally Unseated on iTunes… by The Voice?

Adele’s latest single, “Hello,” has held the #1 slot on iTunes continuously since its record-breaking release last month. This week, per Billboard, it makes the fastest run to #1 on radio songs in more than two decades (when the overall Radio Songs chart excluded many non-Pop radio stations, and was therefore not truly comprehensive). Even now, the song is projected to sell another massive 406,000 copies in the sales-week ending Thursday, as it still maintains a more than 2-to-1 lead over Justin Bieber’s “Sorry.”

But, that was before The Voice decided to take things to another level. The Voice now controls 16 of the top 100 slots on U.S. iTunes. The crown jewel? A #1 ranking for Jordan Smith’s “Great Is Thy Faithfulness.”

So, how many copies will Jordan Smith’s song sell? 

First day: perhaps 71,000

First week: perhaps 110,000-155,000

Expected first-week chart position on the Hot 100: #10-#22

Note that for charting purposes, the first week ends Thursday at midnight. This changes very little about my forecasts (maybe 5,000-15,000 difference), however, since the sales of covers performed on popular television shows tend to be extremely short-lived without the support of radio airplay or a proper music video. Expect sales to plateau soon, before slowly pulling into a nose dive.

View all of the iTunes positions of The Voice contestants below.

Jordan Smith – Great Is Thy Faithfulness (The Voice Performance)
Amy Vachal – Hotline Bling (The Voice Performance)
Jeffery Austin – Let It Go (The Voice Performance)
Barrett Baber – Right Here Waiting (The Voice Performance)
Jordan Smith – Halo (The Voice Performance)
Emily Ann Roberts – Blame It On Your Heart (The Voice Performance)
Zach Seabaugh – My Love (The Voice Performance)
Madi Davis – Who Will Save Your Soul (The Voice Performance)
Shelby Brown – In Color (The Voice Performance)
Jordan Smith – Chandelier (The Voice Performance)
Evan McKeel – This Is It (The Voice Performance)
Korin Bukowski – Titanium (The Voice Performance)
Emily Ann Roberts – In the Garden (The Voice Performance)
Mark Hood – Against All Odds (The Voice Performance)
Jordan Smith – Set Fire To the Rain (The Voice Performance)
Braiden Sunshine – Renegade (The Voice Performance)



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Peter Daines is a law student at Georgetown University Law Center. His interests include studying foreign languages, watching and predicting events in politics and the music industry, and searching fruitlessly for the meaning of life.

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