“Another Lonely Night” debuts on Adult Pop

Adam Lambert’s second single off The Original High was featured in a music video a month ago. But only now is it finally starting to creep onto radio airplay charts.

“Another Lonely Night” debuted yesterday at #50 on the 50-song Adult Pop radio airplay chart (or Hot Adult Contemporary, as it is sometimes called). Today, it rises #50-#48.

First Adam Lambert Radio Stats

Adam Lambert – “Another Lonely Night” – Hot Adult Contemporary (Adult Pop)

Friday: 235 weekly spins; +108 week-over-week weekly spins; 895,000 weekly audience impressions.

Saturday: #50; 252 weekly spins (+17); +109 week-over-week weekly spins (+1); 903,000 weekly audience impressions (+8,000).

Sunday: #48 (+2); 275 weekly spins (+23); +113 week-over-week weekly spins (+4); 949,000 weekly audience impressions (+46,000).


At the current rate of week-over-week spin growth, “Another Lonely Night” would have 388 spins over the next week, placing him at approximately #38. The following week, he would rise to #32 with 501 spins, then #31 with 614; #30 with 727; and #27 with 840.

At its current rate of week-over-week spin growth adjusted daily for its current daily increase in its week-over-week spin growth, “Another Lonely Night” would rise to:

#36 next week, with 415 spins;

#31 in 2 weeks, with 583 spins;

#29 in 3 weeks, with 779 spins;

#26 in 4 weeks, with 1003 spins;

#25 in 5 weeks, with 1255 spins;

#22 in 6 weeks, with 1535 spins;

#18 in 7 weeks, with 1903 spins; and

#17 in two months, with 2239 spins.

These are, of course, only predictions based on a very limited quantity of available data, and do not reflect any potential future changes in Adam Lambert’s position.


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Peter Daines is a law student at Georgetown University Law Center. His interests include studying foreign languages, watching and predicting events in politics and the music industry, and searching fruitlessly for the meaning of life.

2 thoughts on ““Another Lonely Night” debuts on Adult Pop”

  1. Hi Peter, I just want to thank you for removing all my previous posts. I realize my posts were grossly inappropriate. A performer should not be discriminated base on [insert any random reason], same applies to the audience. And I apologize if I offended anyone, I didn’t meant to. Good luck with your site. Peace.


    1. I haven’t removed any of your posts for their content. I have only censored spam-bots and the like. Further, you have prior comments literally on this article, so I don’t know how you can say that I removed all your prior posts. I really have no idea what you are talking about. Perhaps you posted hate-speech on a different blog?


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