Missy Elliott is BACK w/ WTF

“I’m a big mac/make you wanna eat that.”

Missy Elliott, AKA the woman who popularized the trash-bag dress, big black female pop/rap, and the time-stop spit-swap… is back.


Current first week sales prediction: Minimum 45,000 units. This estimate assumes that the song is nearing its initial peak and will start collapsing soon. Should it keep increasing, and should radio airplay pick up, sales could be substantial and sustained.

The new single, WTF (Where They From) sits at #3 (and rising) on US iTunes after about 24 hours of release. The music video has registered 4,767,018 views since release. It has an expected final first-day view-count of around 4 million. For comparison, it is a stronger showing than Gwen Stefani’s “Used to Love You,” which pulled in 1.5 million views in its first two days, and just over 5 million in its entire 23 days of release, and comparable to many current, big-name pop stars. For example, Selena Gomez’s “Good for You” pulled in around 3.3 million first day views. But Missy Elliott has been absent from the music scene for a long time, and she will undoubtedly see a sharper decline than did Selena Gomez, after a sharper bump. Still, the initial view numbers indicate that the world IS watching Missy Elliott, and if they like what they see, she will have a hit on her hands. I’ll watch sales, radio, and streaming in coming days and get an initial chart ranking prediction out when I can. For now, all I can say is that a Top 20 debut on the Billboard Hot 100 on the basis of strong initial sales and streaming isn’t out of the question.

Missy Elliott has 5 solo US top ten hits, and is a featured artist on another 6. She hasn’t released a solo album since 2005’s The Cookbook peaked at #2 on the Billboard 200, producing the #3 Hot 100 hit “Lose Control.”

Watch some of Missy’s old music videos for her hits:

The Rain” “Work It” “Get Your Freak On” “She’s a Bitch” “Hot Boys” “Gossip Folks

Oh yeah… and here’s Missy performing as the surprise star of this year’s Super Bowl.

As always, here’s some Missy Elliot chart positions as of 11:40am 11/13/15 (note that different versions of a song can chart independently in the same country) –


Work It



Missy Elliot chart positions as of 12:48am 11/13/15




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