Ariana Grande’s New Single, “Focus” Tops Adele’s “Hello” in 11 Countries

Like Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande just released one of the years biggest pop hits, and it got almost completely overshadowed by Adele’s “Hello.”

YouTube still hasn’t solidified Ariana’s first-day views, but “Focus” has already racked up 12.2 million. So, she’s probably looking at 6-8 million for her first day. That is easily her biggest debut to date. “Problem” started with about 2.5 million YouTube views, while “Break Free” started with a little over 3 million and “Love Me Harder” and “One Last Time” each started with around 2.3 million. So, this is a pretty big deal for Ariana. I mean, she’s in Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber territory. Ariana has basically ascended into the top tier of current pop stars. That is… the top tier excluding Adele, who is still getting around 20 million daily YouTube views one full week after the single’s release. 

At peak, Ariana Grande’s new song was selling barely 27% as many copies as “Hello.” As somebody on Justin Bieber’s team allegedly said recently, “F***ing Adele…”

But seriously, major kudos to the Shatterer of Records, Queen of Music.


NOTE: “Focus” reached almost 15 million people on its first day of availability at pop radio (presumably with first-day hourly plays), which, coupled with today’s plays, might let it debut at around #22 on this week’s Pop Songs chart. It likely will not debut on the Radio Songs chart until it goes through a full week of availability.

Watch “Focus,” “Hello,” and Justin Bieber’s “Sorry.”

Take a look at Ariana’s and Adele’s iTunes and Spotify rankings, and start making predictions as to where Ariana’s new single will debut on the Hot 100. Once we get a few more numbers, I’ll, of course, chime in with my own estimate… ;P

Ariana Grande’s Current Rankings


One Last Time

Bang Bang

Album: My Everything

Adele’s Current Rankings


Someone Like You

Rolling in the Deep

Album: 25


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