Adam Lambert enters Billboard’s Pop Songs Top 20

As he declines from his #64 peak on the Hot 100 to #67, Adam Lambert adds a new plaudit to the “Ghost Town” section of his resume. In his 18th week, he finally reaches the Top 20 on Pop Songs (rising #22-#20), joining the airplay neighborhood of “Fight Song,” “Levels,” and “Bad Blood,” in that order.

“Ghost Town” had earlier found Top 20 success in the Adult Pop format, rising into the Top 20 and then hovering between #18 and #21 for about 12 weeks. “Ghost Town” also rises to a new peak of #17 in its 20th week on the Adult Pop Songs chart.

What is driving Lambert’s radio success this week?

Unfortunately, it is not a sudden spike in airplay. In fact, Lambert is currently facing decreasing airplay, after his song peaked just over one week ago.’s overall radio airplay chart shows Lambert with 32.141 million weekly audience impressions, substantially lower than his 35.011 million peak. Instead, the rise is due primarily to older songs falling faster or being shifted to “recurrent” status, and therefore no longer counting on the major airplay charts.

“Ghost Town”‘s sales have seen a slight uptick this weekend, as have his youtube views, but I attribute that to buzz surrounding his first ever performance of “Ghost Town” with Queen. In general, however, all three metrics seem to be declining in unison.


“Ghost Town” has charted on the US Hot 100 for 14 weeks now. It has spent 20 weeks charting on Adult Pop Songs, and 18 weeks charting on Pop Songs. It has now reached the Top 20 on both radio formats. The song has powered Lambert to his 3rd consecutive Top 5 album on the Billboard 200 after American Idol. It has achieved international success, charting as high as #2 in Australia, #14 in Germany (so far; #8 on German iTunes currently), and #47 globally.

The song has definitively been more commercially successful than the single’s from Lambert’s previous album, Trespassing, and it has reintroduced Lambert to an American radio audience as more than just some guy who was on American Idol once. It speaks to Lambert’s bright future in the world of Pop Star.

Watch “Ghost Town” here.


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