Haley Reinhart to Release New EP & Single

Haley Reinhart is set to release a new single off of her upcoming extended play (EP) by the end of the year. Who is Haley Reinhart, you ask? Only the single most talented singer ever to be discovered by American Idol. [Aside: to any Glambert readers, Adam Lambert is a stronger artist overall, but Haley’s vocals are objectively better. Exhibit A.]

After coming in third on the tenth season of American Idol, she was signed to Interscope Records for one commercially unsuccessful album. Here is the music video for the lone single that was released. While most American Idol alums end their careers in commercial obscurity (after releasing perhaps one successful album in the immediate aftermath of their season), Haley’s sheer talent pulled her out of the morass. She was able to crowd-source enough funding to put together a not-half-bad music video for original song, “Show Me Your Moves.” Then, she found her element with Postmodern Jukebox, a youtube group that reinterprets songs in various styles, new and old. For example, here is one of their more popular videos, interpreting Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” in 1920’s Gatsby style.

Haley’s Postmodern Jukebox cover of Radiohead’s “Creep” blew up the internet, earning her almost 10 million views on youtube and counting. She subsequently recorded several more covers for Postmodern Jukebox, becoming their biggest star. Each song she has recorded for them — Seven Nation Army, All About that Base, Oops I Did it Again, HabitsLovefool (and of course, Creep) — has garnered at least 1.5 million views. Over the past year or so, Haley has been touring as the spotlight of Postmodern Jukebox. On tour, she sings amazing covers of pretty much everything, which you can find on youtube, if you like. See, for example, this cover of John Lennon’s “Imagine.”

In her element, Haley is amazing. It would appear that she has found her element and is prepared to market herself. And that is why it is so exciting that she is finally getting ready to release new original music. In the meantime, she has landed an acting role, playing the voice of a little boy in Netflix’s upcoming animated series, “F is for Family,” out this December. To hear a hilarious sample of her little boy voice, and to hear her chat about her upcoming projects, you can watch the full interview here.

As always, share your thoughts on Haley Reinhart below!


Update: Haley’s EP will apparently be called Better, and her single might be called “Good or Bad.” See an August 7th Instagram post below:

Haley Reinhart Better


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5 thoughts on “Haley Reinhart to Release New EP & Single”

  1. I agree that Haley is one of the most talented singers ever from Idol and maybe one of the best in her generation. Thanks for the article. One note: the band is called Post Modern Jukebox, so you may want to correct that. Thanks.


  2. There is nothing Unorthodox about “Postmodern Jukebox”. Daily Sold Out shows all across the globe and Haley Reinhart is one of the main reasons why. They reimagine songs “BETTER” than the originals. Her emotional & playful vocals & intriguing lyrics are sure to be a hit now that Halien Nation has expanded worldwide. Interscope can go jump…Ole’ has seen the vision of superstar Haley.


    1. Oops! Corrected!

      Also, I completely agree that some of the better covers from Postmodern Jukebox are better than the originals sonically. However, I would like to point out that there is something fundamentally different between creating an original artwork and creating an improved version of an existing artwork. I would disagree vehemently with anyone seeking to disparage the talents and skills of those who are able to achieve extraordinary commercial success, even where the product created is not optimized to my personal taste.


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