Adam Lambert Reaches Peak on Hot 100

Adam Lambert’s lead single “Ghost Town” has apparently reached its peak on the US Billboard Hot 100. In a slow week for debuts, the single rises 72-64, surpassing its prior peak of 67. After rising slowly but consistently up the charts for months, the single has sat languishing in the 70s for some time on the strength of steady increases in radio airplay but held back by stagnant sales and streams.

Although it is still charting at #41 on the US shazam chart, which indicates that a substantial number of people still don’t recognize the song but are interested in it, indicators suggest that the song has already peaked with sales, streaming, and finally radio airplay., which agglomerates country-specific iTunes sales and Mediabase radio airplay data, estimates that Lambert’s single will decline about 6% in sales for the upcoming tracking week. The track, meanwhile, has lost radio airplay at pop and adult pop for three days in a row, and global youtube streams appear to have peaked. Although the song still performs moderately well among pop radio listeners according to mediabase’s callout report, its favorability rating has been shrinking. The callout and shazam numbers point to modest growth at best, and are therefore easily overridden by the data concerning actual airplay, sales, and streams.


Lambert’s single unexpectedly has reached a new peak. That should give Glamberts cause for celebration. “Ghost Town easily outperformed the singles from Lambert’s prior album, Trespassing, and it has done even better overseas, peaking in the Top Ten or Top Twenty in several countries, including a #2 peak in Australia, and a #23 peak in Germany. Future singles off of The Original High will undoubtedly receive a stronger initial reaction from radio programmers, and ultimately, the audience should come to recognize Adam Lambert as the fully-fledged and versatile artist that he is, completely independent of his American Idol roots.


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